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Sedation Dentistry Austin, TX

Dr. Dennis Goehring has been offering Sedation Dentistry in Austin and South Austin for over 15 years. Over the years, Sedation Dentistry has become more and popular as it has become more affordable. It also gives the patient the option to get all their work done at once instead of small increments. If you don’t…

Luana Badea, DDS

Meet Our New Associate Dentist!

After purchasing Dr. Frazer’s dental practice back in February, Dr. Goehring hired Associate Dentist, Luana Badea to help us in build and expand the practice. Dr. Badea has been with Goehring Dental since April of 2016. She is an incredible asset to the practice not only because of her 6+ years of experience but also…

Goehring Dental Team

South Austin Dentist For Life

Dr. Dennis P. Goehring has been a South Austin Dentist for over 20 years. Originally starting his practice off Brodie Lane and William Cannon, Dr. Goehring looked to South Austin as a growing area and wanted to be a part of that growth. By serving the great community of South Austin and surrounding neighborhoods, Dr….

Dental smoking cigarettes

Tobacco and Oral Cancers

Tobacco and Oral Cancers According to the American Dental Association and leading cancer research organizations around the world, tobacco is one of the causatives of oro-pharyngeal cancer. Oro-pharyngeal cancers refer to a group of diseases that affect the mouth and the throat; these also include life-threatening, aggressive malignancies that are capable of metastasizing to other…

Care Credit

Can’t afford dental treatment?

Can’t afford dental treatment? One of the greatest challenges dentists have always faced is what to do about the patient who genuinely wants to participate in getting the dental care recommended,  but they honestly can’t afford it. Traditionally the most common solution has been to direct patients to a third-party lender. For those looking for…

Dental Cleanings South Austin

Do I really need more frequent dental cleanings?

Why do my hygienist and dentist advise me to have my teeth cleaned more than the twice a year my insurance covers? More frequent dental cleanings are recommended when your hygienist can see that you have inflammation, bone loss, or an increased amount of plaque and tartar buildup.  We understand that many of the bacteria in your mouth can…

Digital X-Rays Goehring Dental

Why are dental x-rays necessary?

Your dentist will take routine X-rays of the teeth and jaw, so they can see an image showing the inside of the teeth and surrounding bone. What do dental x-rays detect? X-rays can be used to: Show areas of decay that may not be visible with an oral examination, especially small areas of decay between teeth…

Dental Implant Placement at Goehring Dental

Why do I need a dental implant?

The one thing no one wants to hear at their dental appointment….”I don’t think we can save this tooth Mrs. Smith, we are going to have to extract it”.  Let’s face it no one wants to lose a tooth. If you are facing this situation you need to know how to make the best decision…

Stephanie Goehring Dental

We have grown!

     Things are hopping at Goehring Dental and in order to keep up and make sure things function smoothly we now have a new staff member.      Meet Stephanie  “Although I am the newest addition to Dr. Goehring’s team it already feels like home.  I bring over 20 years of experience in the…

Why do I need to Floss?

Are you still holding out on becoming a daily flosser?  Do dread the question that you know your hygienist is going to ask?  Have you though about lying just to see if you can sneak by and maybe they won’t notice:)?  That is the case for many.  Flossing is one of those habits that you…