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Can’t afford dental treatment?

Care Credit - finance your dentistry

Can’t afford dental treatment? One of the greatest challenges dentists have always faced is what to do about the patient who genuinely wants to participate in getting the dental care recommended,  but they honestly can’t afford it. Traditionally the most common solution has been to direct patients to a third-party lender. For those looking for more flexible payment options, we offer an interest free loan (up to 6 months) for 100% of your dental treatment with no down payment, no annual fees and no pre-payment penalties through Care Credit if you qualify.

apply_now_rounded    Sometimes the patient is simply uncomfortable using credit and in that case we do our very best to plan out the treatment plan in phases that make it more attainable for the patient. When Phase I treatment is completed we can reevaluate the patients needs and move on to the next phase. Unfortunately there are times when patients have no other choice but to delay treatment due to finances.  This can lead to more extensive dental problems and in some cases even tooth loss.  If you don’t know where to begin to accomplish your dental goals then give us a call  (512)892-8822  and we can help you work through any obstacles you may have.