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Initial Consult Special Needs

Special Needs First Visit (Consult/Meet and Greet)

Our top priority is the comfort and care of our patients, especially those with special needs. We know each patient has unique needs and we have options for your first visit based on those needs. You might have questions about financials and cost, please call us or let us know where we can help.

Normally at your initial visit the doctor also goes over your medical history, and past dental experiences are covered. At this appointment we will determine what type of level of sedation will be needed for the first treatment appointment.

If a patient has an elevated level of anxiety or other issues, the doctor will meet with the caregiver for the initial visit. A follow up appointment may be made so the patient can come in and get comfortable with the office and staff. This prepares them for future treatments.

Please provide the following information at your first visit:

  • The patient’s dental insurance information. Please bring in the insurance card to help us process your claims.
  • A referral slip if necessary
  • If you have had dental x-rays within the last six months either have them forwarded to our office, or pick them up and bring them to your appointment.
  • Bring a list of medications
  • Bring a list of the patient’s physicians and their contact information

All patients under the age of 18 must be accompanied by their parents or guardian. At the initial visit the doctor will go over the diagnosis and treatment options. We will then schedule an appointment and begin treatment.

After the initial “meet and greet”, we will schedule the patient back for their first treatment appointment. Because we will be administering sedation for this appointment, there must be no eating or drinking 6 hours prior the appointment. (See pre-op/post-op instructions here.) If the patient does eat or drink, we will not be able to see the patient and a broken appointment fee will incur. It is important that this is understood before every appointment. For more pre-appointment, pre-sedation instructions, click here.


Please be thorough and complete the new patient form as accurately as possible including the health history and present medical conditions so that we can provide the highest level of care.


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