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Scheduling Special Needs

Scheduling Appointment For Consultation

When scheduling special needs appointments, we will need to schedule you for a consult/Meet and Greet initially. We will also need some information so that we can coordinate the best possible care for you.

  • Patient’s name and date of birth
  • Patient’s medical condition(s)
  • Contact information
  • Any dental concerns
  • Insurance information, Other Financial Information or whether or not you are private pay (please make sure you have your insurance card available)

We’ll take your information and schedule your appointment according to our availability, we only see patients for treatment on Tuesdays and some Wednesdays every month. If this is your child’s/spouse/parent’s initial visit, we ask that you bring your latest dental x-rays if possible.

First Treatment Appointment

All patients under the age of 18 must be accompanied by their parents or guardian. At the initial visit the doctor will go over the diagnosis and treatment options. We will then schedule an appointment and begin treatment.

After the initial “meet and greet”, we will schedule the patient back for their first treatment appointment. Because we will be administering sedation for this appointment, there must be no eating or drinking 6 hours prior the appointment. (See pre-op/post-op instructions here.) If the patient does eat or drink, we will not be able to see the patient and a broken appointment fee will incur. It is important that this is understood before every appointment. For more pre-appointment, pre-sedation instructions, click here.

You will receive an email or phone call as a reminder for you upcoming appointment.


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