• I love coming to Dr. Goehring’s office because of the friendly and attentive staff, I never have to wait, they know me well as I have been coming for 15 years. Continue Reading Sandra McGonagle

    Sandra McGonagle
  • How does one describe the excellence that is Goehring Dental in just a few words? I have been using this group for years and can’t thank them enough for such amazing care! Thanks to each and every one of the staff for their commitment to providing the finest in dental care and service!! Continue Reading Michelle Huber-Ott

    Michelle Huber-Ott
  • The staff at Goehring Dental are amazing! They genuinely care about me and have helped me from the beginning of my procedures.
    I would recommend Goehring Dental to all of my friends and family. Continue Reading Jackie Mendez

    Jackie Mendez
  • Our first visit to Dr. Goehring was Sept. 2nd 1997. For over 15 years now, he has skillfully and expertly performed all our dental work. He’s the best at his trade, and the staff are all super friendly. Anything else said would be superfluous.
    Continue Reading Acie and Bettye

    Acie and Bettye
  • The first time I walked into Dr. Goehring’s office, I had my front teeth—ok, a bridge actually—in my hand. Dr. Goehring was so gracious and patient in putting me back together that I knew I had found my Austin dentist. The truth is that I am remarkably hard on teeth, shoes, and cars. Dr. Goehring has done several intensive procedures on me, and I remain grateful for his craftsmanship and skill. I appreciate that he himself has called me the next day to make sure I was healing well. Now my family members are his patients. And he has taken excellent care of each of us. Continue Reading Dr. Karon Rilling

    Dr. Karon Rilling
  • I have been known to get up out of a dentist chair in the middle of a root canal – and not go back because of my fear of dental work.  That’s no longer the case.  I’m a happy, smiling fella with the help of Dr. Goehring and his great staff’s approach to sedation and keeping me healthy! Continue Reading Travis Froehlich

    Travis Froehlich