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Meet Dr. Goehring and Dr. Kessler!
Dr. Goehring, Owner of Goehring Dental
Dr. Dennis Goehring

Dr. Dennis Goehring graduated from Ohio State University Dental School in 1992 and was later selected for a 2 year post graduate residency program at University of Texas Health and Science Center in San Antonio. He also graduated from the Misch International Implant Institute in both the Surgical and Prosthetic Implant Course Curriculum. Dr. Goehring continually updates his courses to ensure that his practice is on the cutting edge of sound, scientifically based implant dentistry. “We Are Here To Serve You And Provide You With The Best Care.”

Sarah Kessler DDS
Dr. Kessler

Dr. Kessler earned her BA in Biology from UT in 1999 and graduated Magna Cum Laude from UT Dental School at San Antonio in 2003.

She built a patient-centered practice in the Memorial Park area of Houston soon after graduation and enjoyed her years spent near the Gulf.

Recently, Dr. Kessler and her family relocated to Austin for the lifestyle, culture and a welcomed change.

She joined Goehring Dental because of the relationship-focused care, state-of-the-art facility and the opportunity to offer excellent restorative dentistry to patients of all ages.   

In her free time, Dr. Kessler enjoys cooking, exercising and chauffeuring her kids around town.

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Love the new location, closer to Central Austin, right off of Ben White/71 and Manchaca Rd. Erin has been my awesome, friendly, hygienist for many years (I think at least 9 or 10 years, if I recall) but probably longer. Dr. Goehring is really professional too and always... gives me a clean bill of tooth health. I recently chipped a tooth and he fixed it quickly too. The front office staff is always welcoming and also Lali and Leslie are cool too. Tell them Debbie Knows Austin sent ya!read more
04:57 28 Sep 17
Had a filling done and some crown work done this morning, and the experience was as good as dental work could possibly be. I see Dr. Flurry. He and Sabrina made me feel super at ease, and the work done was A+. Thanks for making dental work as painless as possible.
15:16 18 Jul 18
My first visit so not much to tell except that everybody was very nice and easy to get along with. I have a follow up scheduled but don’t foresee any issues. They seem to understand perfectly that I am a “fraidy cat” and are ok with me being like that.
19:01 13 May 19
I have been having my teeth cleaned and cared for here for years. My experience has always been positive. I need to have some bridge work replaced (it has lasted 30 years, it’s time) and multiple options are offered. The atmosphere is calm and professional. While going to... the dentist isn’t fun. Going here is actually something I don’t dread and I l enjoy the feeling of clean teeth after. 👍read more
15:35 25 Feb 19
Dr. Goehring and his staff are excellent. I’m exceptionally scared of having my teeth worked on, due to a bad dental experience as a young girl. Dr. Goehring and his staff are so patient and caring. They take time with me to make sure that I’m comfortable. I’ve been to his... office three times now, and it’s alwsys been a comfortable, painless experience. I would recommend him and his staff to my family and more
22:07 25 Jan 18
Each time I am at Goehring Dental, I am impressed with the care given to each patient. Everyone knows me, and makes the effort to say hello, even the ones I do not interact with during my dental appointment. Love the new Associate Dentist, Sarah Kessler.
21:54 08 Aug 19
Literally on my way home from my procedureI have a lot of anxiety at the dentist and I associate it with pain and that horrible numb feeling, the sights, smells, sounds, rubber gloved fingers in my mouth... all of it is awful. This is why I haven't gone in so many... years.Dr. Goehring understood my concerns and gave me a couple of options that would help me relax for the upcoming appointment. His personality was also helpful with my anxiety because he's just a straight forward, relatable guy. Even during the procedure it was almost painless. Nothing more than the needle prick to become numb.I had a great experience and I recommend anyone I know to Goehring Dental!read more
14:44 01 Aug 18
This is the best dental experience I could have asked for. Everyone there is so kind and went out of their way to ensure my comfort throughout what has been a somewhat long and complicated process. Dr. Goehring did a phenomenal job and I so appreciate everything this... office has done for me and my teeth!read more
17:11 09 Mar 18
The employees at Goehring dental are incredibly friendly and accommodating! My hygienist Jessica reviewed my file prior to my appointment and during my cleaning was prepared with numbing solution for my gums as she read that I had sensitivity during my last visit, and also... knew that I was not a fan of the polishing tool. A++ service!read more
19:26 17 Jan 19
This office houses my very first dental record from all them years ago, while the dentists that owned the office over the years have changed this man, Dr. Dennis Goehring is by far the best and my favorite dentist. He is the only dentist who is able to numb my nerve in one... attempt, it’s magical. I do have to pay more out of pocket to go here but I wouldn’t have it any other way. The cleanings are professional and the hygienists are very patient and friendly. The rooms are private and even the x-rays are a more
04:04 27 Feb 19
Each and every time I visit Dr. Goehring and his amazing staff, I know that my brother, who is disabled, will get the care he needs and deserves. Everyone is so kind, so on top of their game. He and his staff provide services to an often over looked segment of the... population, I'm so grateful and would recommend this clinic to more
17:42 10 Jul 18
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23:22 07 Jul 16
Everyone, from the moment I walk into the waiting room until I leave, is so warm and welcoming. Makes coming to the dentist completely enjoyable. Have loved my experience thus far and I feel like I don't have to dread going to a dentist anymore! Thank you all for everything!
18:08 02 Mar 17
Sabrina was by far the most caring and helpful person along with the other staff in the front, I felt like she was a family member trying to get me the best care. The woman with glasses and big beautiful blue eyes who charges after was so helpful in my suatuation. She... offered different plans and knew my financial situation and was really taking it into consideration. The doctors all introduced themselves and even personally showed me with a mirror exactly what was happening during the examinations. I will be having my first wisdom teeth procedure done this Wednesday. So far I feel at ease knowing I’m in their hands! Thank you to all the Friendly staff!read more
19:16 01 Oct 18
This is a follow-up review because I previously rated Dr. Goehring 1 star. Today, I went in to have my filling replaced. The staff was very helpful in explaining everything to me and Dr. Goehring made sure the procedure was painless. It was a good experience and I’m very... grateful to Dr. Goehring and the more
20:19 17 Jul 19
Literally on my way home from my procedureI have a lot of anxiety at the dentist and I associate it with pain and that horrible numb feeling, the sights, smells, sounds, rubber gloved fingers in my mouth... all of it is awful. This is why I haven't gone in so many... years.Dr. Goehring understood my concerns and gave me a couple of options that would help me relax for the upcoming appointment. His personality also helpful with my anxiety because he's just a straight forward, relatable guy. I had a great experience and I recommend anyone I know to Goehring Dental!read more
14:38 01 Aug 18
I had been a patient of Karen Frazier for 15+ years before she retired and Dr Gerhing took over. I have had cleaning and dental work done by Dr Badea who has been assisted by Sabrina who worked for Dr Frazier. The care Dr Badea and Sabrina have given me has been nothing... short of outstanding. I am very statisfied with the work they have done. The are both very personable and are genuinely cocermed about me and my teeth. I highly recommend their dental more
14:12 25 Jan 17
Dr Kessler and Sabrina are a team made in heaven.... was freaking out about my procedures and the road ahead but they make everything so easy and comfortable. I can’t imagine having to go through this experience any where else. Dr Goehring even pops up and assist. Goehring... Dental is where it’s at. Don’t be more
15:17 06 Mar 20
I have been a patient of Dr. Goehring for around 10 years. I found him by luck when on a Friday afternoon I had a dental emergency. I was new to Austin and did not know any dentists here ( my Round Rock doctor's office was too far to make it on time before closing). So, I... went to several offices looking for any doctor who could help me. After being denied because either it was not a day to take new patients, doctor was busy, or they were booked ( I had insurance, so that was not a problem), i came across to Dr. Goehring's office. I explained my issue ( a crown came off and needed to place it back to keep it in place until Monday). Well, Dayane told me that the Dr. was busy with a patient but was going to talk to him about it. She came back with a solution for me! I was deeply thankful!. The following Monday I was in the office fixing my problem, happy to have found him and thankful because due to his help I was able to do a triathlon that Sunday without any pain. His staff is friendly, fun, cordial as well as Dr. Goehring. They always try to work around my schedule.Ah!... I always leave the office with a bright and clean smile.I highly recommend Dr. Goehring as your more
15:50 13 Jul 15
I've been going to Dr. Goehring for the past 5 or 6 years and have had nothing but positive experiences and quality care since. I was referred by another dentist from Western Trails who felt they were not equipped to handle my needs. Dr. Goehring is qualified to care for... special needs patients, especially kids and or adults also with anxiety (like myself) in a medical setting. I was able to get some work done that I hadn't previously believed I would be able to handle. I absolutely love Dr. Goehring's demeanor, ability to talk to his patients, and trust his care. My husband who also does not ever look forward to any medical appointment now actually has a positive outlook when it comes to dental care and I attribute that to the great staff and hygienists that Dr. Goehring has chosen. There are also fun perks at every visit like drawings, travel toothbrush pack, email lists etc. to help feel like part of Dr. Goehring's patient pack and I always feel special walking out. I am looking forward to giving many more years of my business and only trust my dental needs with him at this time. I plan to have cosmetic dentistry work done too. Thank you Dr. Goehring and our favorite, hygienist, Erin for making us change our minds about dentistry after all these years!!read more
16:53 09 Jul 18
Dr. Goehring has been our family dentist for over 20 years. He and his staff are great professionals, and they provide a highly personalized experience. All of the Goehring team is very friendly and they treat their patients with sincere respect, friendliness and gentle... hands. Dr. Goehring always explains carefully what he is recommending and why. Few dentists or physicians take the time that he does to ensure you get great care and understand what will happen...and he calls you to check in after any major dental experience! This past week, I had a major toothache. The office got me in within 24 hours...and it was a short holiday (July 4) week. Dr. Goehring called me twice to check in over the weekend..and, when I wasn't doing as well as he wanted, called in additional antibiotics. Austin is a lucky city to have such a committed and caring more
22:07 08 Jul 19
After having moved away for 10 years I am so happy to come back to Dr Goehring's practice. Every person in the office is genuine and warm and clearly enjoys being there. I have complete trust in Dr Goehring and enthusiastically recommend him and his highly skilled, friendly... more
21:29 28 Jul 16
I absolutely love Goehring Dental! Everyone in the office is so friendly from the moment you walk in the door. I recently had a crown redone by the new associate dentist Sarah Kessler and she was amazing! She was very kind, gentle, and informative about everything that was... happening while she was working on me. Sabrina is always the best and I feel like I get to talk to a good friend every time I’m there! I also get my teeth cleaned regularly by Jessica who is also amazing. I’ve been going to this office since 2015 and I’ll continue to go as long as I’m in the Austin area!read more
00:10 25 Oct 19
Dr Goehring is kind, patient, and puts me right at ease! Today for example, I was in to get 5 cavities filled and I was incredibly nervous and wondering why I had been so overzealous to book them all in one sitting. (Really, what had I been thinking?!) I mention I'm... nervous, he offers laughing gas, puts no pressure on me and says we'll wait and see how I feel and if I need to reschedule with full sedation I can. He didn't make me feel guilty if I needed to cancel, him and his staff are accommodating, and friendly. I look forward to my appointments with dr Goehring and how many can say that about their dentist? (PS-we decided to just do 3 out of the 5 today and I would reschedule for the last 2, and it was no big deal). Thank you and your staff for always being a class act Dr Goehring! �read more
00:55 11 Mar 17
I cold called Dr. Goehring's office yesterday morning. My disabled daughter was experiencing great dental difficulties and I was anxious and worried to find the unique help she requires. From my first conversations with Dr. Goehring's staff, I was put at ease. Brandy,... Stephanie, Rhonda, and Nisha were all friendly, compassionate, and efficiently guided us through to the first consultation with the doctor. Dr. Goehring, himself, was compassionate, knowledgeable, and approachable. I highly recommend this dental more
18:51 21 Oct 16