Special Needs Dentistry

About Our Special Needs Services

At Goehring Dental we know sometimes our patients need special treatment and accommodations. This may be because of medical, developmental, physical, or cognitive conditions.

People suffering from Alzheimer’s disease, Down syndrome, autism, spinal cord injuries, and many other conditions that may make standard dental treatment difficult still need quality dental care.

We make every effort to make each patient feel comfortable, safe, and relaxed. We realize it takes compassion and understanding to work with patients with special needs so that they can receive dental services.

Below is a list of current conditions of patients we have treated.




Cerebral Palsy


Down Syndrome


Seizure Disorders

Fragile X

Intellectual Disabilities




And Many More

Dental Care for Those with Special Needs

Dr. Goehring and our staff have gone through additional training to specifically address the care of patients with special needs. Not every dentist is equipped or able to offer dental service to people with special needs, and our office is fully equipped to make our patients with special needs feel welcome and at ease.

We offer most of our dental procedures to our patients with special needs so they can achieve a beautiful smile and great health. From dental exams and hygiene appointments to having a tooth extracted or receiving a dental crown, every patient will be capable of receiving the treatment they need.

Special Care at Goehring Dental

If you or a loved one have special needs, please call or contact our office to find out how we can help you or those in need receive dental services. Our team is always kind, compassionate, and trained to treat patients with special needs and look forward to hearing from you very soon.

Call us today to schedule your initial evaluation / consultation (512)892-8822 or email us at

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